VidaApp Solar Node


What is the VidaApp Solar Node?

The VidaAppTM Solar Node is the second product of the Internet of Things division of Integrated Systems Design and Development S.L. which offers state-of-the-art and energy-efficient devices with ultra-low power consumption.
The VidaAppTM Solar Node acts as a collecting node in a wireless sensor network. A node is an entity that receives and sends messages within a network and is known as a collecting node the one that acts as a gateway to the rest of the sensors. The device has a solar cell for energy harvesting through ambient light, charging also indoors.
How does it work?
Due to its IP67 sealing characteristics, the product is delivered with a SIM card inside the Solar Node with a prepaid price plan negotiated with the mobile operators. The user can keep that plan or contract the prepaid or contract price plan that suits him.
Through the application of the user portal in, the user proceeds to register the data of the node adding the contact telephones to notify in case of alarms through voice and data calls and sending short messages. The sensors are automatically synchronized with the node through wireless communications such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and radio. All information from the sensors is collected by the node and sent to the cloud by mobile or radio-satellite communications so that it can be displayed to the user in the dashboard of the web application accessible on our site. Registered users receive notifications on mobile phones and tablets.
The main circuits and features for the standard version of VidaApp Social Node are as follows:
1. Cortex M0 Micro Controller including a real-time clock - RTC.
2. Bluetooth low energy 4.0 with PCB integrated antenna.
3. Mobile communication 2.5G GSM/GPRS with socket for mini SIM card.
4. EEPROM Memory (non-volatile) 2Mb and I2C connection.
5. GPS with PCB integrated antenna.
6. Programmable digital accelerometer with 3 axes and ultra-low consumption (6µA).
7. Energy Harvesting. Which allows the board to use ambient or sun light to keep an internal battery charged.
The standard version of VidaApp Solar Node is a multiple Gateway that allows GSM / GPRS communication with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy. This development is scalable with an additional PCB for a premium version that can be configured with the following communication systems: 
  • Bluetooth low energy.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • UHF Radio. 
  • 3G or 4G.
  • Satellite radios depending on the satellite to use.
  • Software radios from HF to microwaves.

VidaAppTM is a registered trademark of Integrated Systems Design and Development S.L. and the product VidaAppTM Solar Node as well as the documentation contained in this fact-sheet is property of that company, with CIF/VAT Number B86208204 and registered address at Los Pajaritos street number 23, 2ºB, 28007 Madrid, which is constituted at the notary D. Fernando Pérez Alcalá del Olmo on April 11, 2011 and is legally registered on 8/6/2011 in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid being its registration data the following: Volume 28913, Folio 69, Section 8, Sheet 520621.

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ISDD assumes no responsibility for assisting the applications or the software and platforms design of the buyers who use their devices. Buyers are responsible for the services and applications they offer with them. To minimize the risks associated with the products and applications of the buyers, they must provide an adequate design and operational safeguard.

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The buyer knows and agrees to be solely responsible for all legal, regulatory and safety requirements regarding the use of these products, without prejudice to the support that ISDD may offer.

The buyer acknowledges and agrees that he has the necessary experience to create and implement safeguards and preventive measures to anticipate dangerous consequences of monitoring failures and their consequences, to reduce the likelihood that they may cause harm and to take appropriate corrective measures. The buyer exonerates ISDD in its entirety for any damages that may occur due to the use of these products in critical security applications.

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